Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thoughts on The Best Actor Race

While I don't know if I'm ready to call it a complete lock, I think The Artist's Jean Dujardin may be the one to take home the Best Actor Oscar this year. For a while, it definitely seemed like Clooney's to lose. But then the SAG Awards happened. Dujardin won that night and then won last Saturday at the BAFTAS. I think these two wins suggest where the race is heading. There also seems to be a lot of love for The Artist this awards season, which may also lead Dujardin to victory. I think if it wasn't for Clooney or Dujardin, it'd be Brad Pitt's to win. He's excellent in Moneyball. And again, in another year Gary Oldman may have been the winner- but hey, can't count him out yet. I think Demian Bichir will get a boost from his Oscar nomination but I think he's the least likely to win.

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